Is a Pullback Near?

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When will we see a market correction?  That seems to be the question we are getting most frequently from clients and others.  For now, the answer is “not yet” as our indicators are still mildly positive with continued demand for stocks and low volatility in the market.  We expect the stock market to continue to […]

A Long Winter

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The first quarter was one marked by rising volatility in the stock market with a correction in January where the S&P 500 pulled back -5.8% and the DJIA pulled back by -7.3%. By the end of March the S&P 500 was up slightly for the year while the DJIA was down slightly for the year. […]

2014 Investment Outlook

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Riggs’ clients had a good year in 2013 with both our equity and fixed income portfolios performing well.  It was also a transition year where we saw the largest outperformance by stocks over bonds since 1958. We believe this is a theme that we will see replayed for many years to come. So, with 2013 […]

So This Is The Can…Down The Road

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In our January, 2013 Riggs’ Report, we discussed the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling negotiations at length. So here we are nine months later, in the midst of a government shutdown surrounded by rancorous debate on both sides of the aisle and the investment markets getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of leadership and governance […]

The Effects of Easing Hit Wall Street

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The first quarter of 2013 began with “Fiscal Cliff” concerns and a stalemate in Washington over the budgetary issues facing the United States.   The quarter is ending with concerns over sequestration, the debt ceiling, saber rattling in North Korea, the Cypriot Banking system failure, and the inability of leaders in Europe to manage the […]

2013 Investment Outlook

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Despite some news‐driven volatility, the U.S. equity markets ended the year positive. While the zero interest rate policies from the Federal Reserve continued to pressure income‐oriented investors. Overall, 2012 was a good year for Riggs’ clients. Looking ahead in 2013, we are starting to see signs that a growth phase may be re‐emerging in developing […]

Bumpy Ride

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After two years of an expensive and divisive presidential election we have emerged with a “Status Quo” government. With President Obama remaining as president, the Congress is split with a Democratic‐controlled Senate and a Republican‐controlled House of Representatives. So what does this mean for the economy and the markets going forward? The first issue on […]

Printing Money

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At Riggs, we spend significant amounts of money on independent and think‐tank style research. It is, in essence, the raw material that we use for our production of a long‐term strategic investment approach. On a daily basis we sift through reams of information to distill the critical data that will inform the investment markets now […]