Alan J Corey Glasssman

Honest. Inventive. Laser-sharp.

Alan J Corey Glassman, Vice President, draws from a wealth of his own family-business experience to deliver for his clients. The result is an attention to what matters most: sound investment analysis, strategic solutions and agile advisory.

The formula for success is one part business, one part human.

Alan provides investment and business advice to entrepreneurs, family businesses and family groups throughout the Northeastern United States. He also serves on a number of advisory boards providing advice to charitable organizations and small businesses. His approach is holistic. He understands the importance of balancing his clients’ business goals and objectives with their need to create a successful path for the generations who will follow in their footsteps. To this end, it’s not surprising to find him assisting clients in all aspects of their business, as well as teaching the fundamentals of financing to their children.

Experience is the best teacher.Alan_Working

Alan graduated from New York University in 1977 having fulfilled the requirements for Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics, Finance, Business Management and Marketing. He began his career in management at G&G Sewing Machine Co., Inc. and MUVA Needle Company, assuming the position of President in 1981. He orchestrated a multiyear acquisition strategy to ensure continued growth of the corporation. As a result, Atlas Rapid Racks, Inc., Automated Components, International, Silverman International, Schreiber and Goldberg Limited, and SAL-BEE Limited were acquired over a period of years. In addition, P.S.R Company, the research and development arm of G&G Sewing Machine Co., was restructured and spun off into a separate corporation. These companies, which manufactured and distributed machinery and devices for the textile and apparel industries, developed and held more than 20 patents. Alan owned and operated these businesses until 1997 when he sold them and joined Riggs Asset Management Co., Inc.

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